Kenneth J. Fredeen, Board Chair,
The Learning Partnership

General Counsel and Secretary to the Board
Deloitte LLP, Toronto

Mr. Fredeen is General Counsel, Secretary to the Board, and a member of the Leadership Team with Deloitte LLP, Canada’s largest professional services firm. With close to 60 offices and over 8000 employees, Deloitte provides audit, tax, consulting and financial advisory services across Canada.

Mr. Fredeen is a leader in the legal profession and the General Counsel community in particular. In 2013 he was recognized by Canadian Lawyer magazine as one of Canada’s top 25 most influential lawyers and judges in Canada.

In July 2012 Mr. Fredeen was appointed by the Government of Canada to Chair a Panel which reported on Labour Market Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities.

Working with other Canadian general counsel, Mr. Fredeen was a founding member of Legal Leaders for Diversity and Inclusion. The LLD is playing a critical role in the creation of a more inclusive legal profession in Canada.

Mr. Fredeen serves as Chair of the Board of The Learning Partnership, a national organization which supports public education in Canada, a member of the board for Canadian Business SenseAbility, a recently established not-for-profit entity supporting the employment of people with disabilities, and a member of the board for the Canadian Centre for Ethics and Corporate Policy.

As an active and engaged leader in the community, Mr. Fredeen was awarded the Queens Jubilee Medal in 2012 and Mr. Fredeen and his team were awarded the General Counsel Award (Social Responsibility) in 2012. In 2014, Mr. Fredeen was awarded the King Clancy Award for his work supporting Canadians who live with disabilities.

Mr. Fredeen and his wife have three children.