About Us

The Learning Partnership is a national charity dedicated to enhancing publicly funded education to prepare students in Canada for a globally connected world by building partnerships between government, education and business. We do this through innovative student programs, executive leadership for educators, knowledge mobilization and policy, tribute celebrations of excellence, and collaborations across Canada. Since 1993, more than 6.9 million students have participated in The Learning Partnership’s programs. 

Our work focuses on five key areas:

  • Student Programs – to ensure that students develop 21st century skills and are empowered to compete successfully in a complex global economy and drive Canada’s continued competitive edge.
  • Educator Programs and Executive Leadership – to strengthen leadership for principals and senior education officials because great leaders create great schools.
  • Policy and Knowledge Mobilization – to connect ideas and credible research with stakeholders in education, business and the community by moving knowledge across provincial boundaries and shining light on successful practices in education.
  • Collaborations – to build meaningful partnerships with business, industry, education and community stakeholders, so together we can drive thought leadership and results-focused initiatives to advance public education in Canada.
  • Tributes and Celebration Events – to recognize leaders for their outstanding contributions to advancing publicly funded education in Canada, and together celebrate the success of our students and teachers.

Our Vision

A strong, dynamic publicly funded education system valued by all Canadians and one that is recognized as the cornerstone of a civil and prosperous society. 

Our Mission

We support, promote and advance publicly funded education in Canada.