The Business Education Task Force: Promoting, Advancing and Supporting Business-Education Partnerships

Business leaders know the skills students need for the jobs of tomorrow.
Educators know how to nurture those skills.

The Business Education Task Force was created to bring these two groups together to identify and address the widening gap between ‘jobs without people’ and ‘people without jobs’.  Businesses and educators understand that they are key stakeholders in ensuring that our students are well prepared to embrace the challenges of a complex global economy. ​As a result of our 2012 Education Summit, business leaders declared they wanted to help publicly funded education in Canada but needed to know how.

They required the guidance of educators to better understand how exactly can business get involved with advancing our public education system.  As a result, The Learning Partnership created the Business-Education Task Force to explore positive and productive business-education partnerships.

​Read the recommendations put forth in the paper Public Education 2.0.

Calgary Business Education Task Force Meets - Spring 2014
On Wednesday, May 28, 2014 a cross section of stakeholders from government, education and business met at the BMO Centre in Calgary to address how business and education can work together in Alberta to support students in their transition from education to the workplace. This was the second of a series of Task Force meetings which are being held across Canada by the Learning Partnership (TLP). Following the proceedings, members of the task force proposed action oriented solutions that would support educational change. Five recommendations were made.
Read the report.

Ontario Business Education Task Force Meets - Fall 2013
In response to the recommendations contained in the report Public Education 2.0. The Learning Partnership brought together leaders from business and education to discuss how we can all work together to help advance students' education and future. This was the first of ten such meetings we will hold across Canada. The purpose of the Task Force is to articulate regional strategies to develop more effective business and education partnerships that support to advance public education for students.
Read the report.
Did you know?
  • From an economic perspective, countries with a greater proportion of students in vocational education tend to have lower youth unemployment
  • Only 19% of post-secondary students chose a field of study were in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields
  • 30% of Canadian employers face a skilled labour shortage, especially in high growth employment sectors requiring STEM skills
  • The Learning Partnership created the Business Education Task Force in 2013 directly as an outcome of the first Education Summit which identified the need and urgency of such a partnership

The Task Force includes representatives from: 
  • Government
  • Business and Industry
  • Skills Training
  • Banking
  • Non-Profits and Non-Government Organizations
  • K-12 and Post-Secondary Education
Our economic future depends on a strong public education system. Join the conversation!
Working together for a stronger future!
Gerry Connelly
Special Advisor, Education Policy
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