5 Activities to Spark Your Entrepreneurial Spirit this School Year

Learning about entrepreneurship early in your school journey not only gives you a sneak peek at how the world of business works, it can help prepare you for life. You learn to brainstorm ideas, set goals, budget, identify your strengths, and learn about society around you and how to personally contribute to it.

Here are five activities to kick-start your entrepreneurial spirit and get you started on the path to future success.

  1. Help fundraise: Whether it’s for your school, sports team, dance studio or a local charity, helping to raise funds for a good cause is a learning opportunity that will help you come up with creative ideas, gain confidence in talking to people, handle money responsibly, and practise interacting with adults.

  2. Make your own after-school job: Kid-friendly job opportunities are right in your own neighbourhood. All you have to do is look around and pay attention to what needs to get done. Offer your services to mow lawns or wash cars. What about dog-walking or pet-sitting?

  3. Make something happen: Whether you get paid for it or not, take an idea from concept to reality. Write up a monthly class newsletter or create a website for the class, someone’s business or a topic you’re passionate about. Take a hobby, like jewellery-making, and distribute your product – whether you make a profit from it or not.

  4. Learn to manage your own money: You learn by doing. So how about going to the bank with your parents and opening up your own bank account? Several banks offer special accounts for kids and you’ll learn to save, budget, and understand the value of money. Seeing your account balance grow over time is really cool too.

  5. Look for leadership opportunities: Take note of things you’re passionate about and watch for opportunities in your school where you can take on a leadership role. Whether it’s a structured group that already exists, like student council, a performing arts club or a sports team, or a group you start yourself, take these opportunities to learn how to manage others, delegate tasks and be a powerful role model and inspiration to others.

These tips are provided by education experts at The Learning Partnership – a national, charitable organization dedicated to advancing publicly funded education, in part, through student programs that encourage the development of global compentencies, such as Entrepreneurial Adventure.

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Essential Life Skills that Entrepreneurship Teaches You
  • ​Creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving
  • Decision-making and risk management
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Financial literacy
  • Planning
  • Resilience and self-confidence